Authorities Search for Missing K-9 Officer in South Texas

It happened more than a week ago. A K-9 officer with the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Department in South Texas was taken from his handler’s home

His handler left his home in Premont, Tx to go watch a fireworks show with his family on July 4 in Corpus Christi, which is about an hour from his home. When he returned back to the house, Ivo, a 4-year-old German Shephered was gone from his kennel.

It’s believed someobody went into the backyard of the home and took the dog. The officer left him locked up in the kennel and when he returned, it was unlocked.

The dog is worth about $6,000 and has gone throughextensive training to help officers fight the war on drugs. 

“He’s useless to the public,” said Sheriff Oscar Lopez of the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Department. “We just want him back. No questions asked, but Ivo needs to get back to his duties.”

Officers searched for two days looking for the K-9 officer and couldn’t find him. They drove around with an all-terrain vehicle in the brush around Premont and use a helicopter to search from the air for the missing dog.

There are no signs of Ivo or any leads in the case. If you have any information, you should call the Crimestoppers Hotline at the Jim Wells County’s Sheriff’s Office at 361-664-STOP.

UPDATE: Ivo was found on July 14 at a home in Premont about a quarter of a mile from the handler’s home. The man told authorities he found the dog wandering around on July 4th and took him, tying him up on a chain. When he heard about the reports of the missing dog, he called police and Sheriff officers went and confirmed the dog was their missing K-9 officer. She was checked out by a veterinarian and was ok with some minor problems. She’s expected to be back on the force in a couple of weeks after she goes through rehabiliation.

Missing K-9 Officer


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