Blog: Investigation Continues in Alice Human Remains

For the third time in two weeks, the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s investigators have been combing a field looking for more evidence in a human remains case. They searched for about five hours Friday, and came up away empty-handed.

Two weeks prior, they got a call on the Crimestoppers hotline, leaving them information about human remains in the same area. When they went out, they hit a gold mine, finding skeletal remains.

“The crimestoppers came in and there were some human remains in a particular part of the county,” said Lt. Odel Mendoza of the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Department. “We would find it if we do x amount of stuff. We followed the instructions and it yielded a deceased body.”

When they got to the location, just outside of Alice on Farm-to-Market Road 1554 and about 85 yards from the road, investigators found a shallow grave three foot deep and five foot long.

“The way the grave was found they had all these sticks were on top to conceal what was in the hole, the wild animals were to pick up the remains and scatter it throughout the brush,” said Captain Joe Martinez of the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Department.

“Basic bones we found were the vertabrae, which is the back bone,” Lt. Mendoza said. “We found fingers, a femur and other body parts scattered around the area.”

Since the initial discovery, the investigators continue to search for the other remains.

“We’re looking for the main parts of the body, like the head and the torso,” said Lt, Mendoza. “We got a lot of bones the last time. We want to get the most part DNA people could use.”

Investigators are waiting for DNA results to come back from Fort Worth to identify the remains they have found or comment how the person was killed. While they won’t say it’s Enrique Hughes, a 61-year-old Alice man missing since last November, sources have told us they believe the remains are his, though the field is heavily-traveled by illegal immigrants and could be someone else.

“We have a few missing persons in Alice,” Lt. Mendoza said. “Maybe we can clear up a case to give the family members closure.”

When the remains were first found, the Alice Police Chief met with the family to tell them about what they discovered.

“Only that they had a tip about human remains and sure enough that’s what they found,” said George Hughes, Hughes’ brother.

The Hughes’ family wants this nine-month nightmare to come to an end. They’re praying the remains are Hughes, so they can move on.

“We want closure and it’s going on a year already so it’s been a long time,” Hughes said. “We’re just waiting.”

The DNA results are expected back soon. Once authorities get the results, they hope to make an arrest on the person responsible for this crime.

Manuel De La Rosa, KIII-TV Reporter,

To look at stories on this case, go to the link below:


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