NAHJ Online Officer Petiton for Patricio Espinoza

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Hope this finds you well.  Are you a current NAHJ member?  If so, would you please help me gather the required signatures to run for Online officer?

As you know, the last two years I have been actively involved with NAHJ New Media workshops.  Most recently as an NAHJ trainer, I have hosted several events in Texas, and openly shared tips, experience and skills.  Additionally, I serve as a Journalism and New Media mentor for students at Our Lady of the Lake University and Texas State San Marcos and continuously help and support fellow journalists in transition wanting to launch their online efforts.

Efforts like the above, I believe must be at the heart of NAHJ’s Online approach.  To help lead such efforts, I am asking for your support.  Please sign the enclosed endorsement and e-mail it back to our NAHJ office.  I need 25 active members signatures in order to run for NAHJ’s next Online Officer.  May I count with your support?

It’s a whole new media world out there, and we need to help both our organization, and our membership go after the training and the skills we need to move forward.  But training is not enough, NAHJ is already working to improve our online presence, and one of the first steps was the re-design and re-launch of  To ensure the sucess of the launch of I contributed over 100 hours of work.  The result brought our static ancient website into a new media age effort using today’s digital tools.  While still a work in progress, the site now has audio and video capabilities, blogging, and social media sharing tools.   With your support as your next Online NAHJ Officer, I will use those capabilities and all my skills and experience to the fullest.  AND to do so… my first priority would be to bring YOU in.  We need your voice, your content, your comments, your contributions.  Today’s digital tools allow such level of involvement.  Please lend me your support, together we can do this.

Please sign the enclosed petition and send it in immediately.  The deadline is April 30th, only two weeks away.

As a seasoned All-Platforms Journalist and a 2010 Knight Digital Media Center Fellow, I use today’s digital tools on a daily basis, I train and help fellow journalists to use them.  And currently pioneer Hyper-local and Community Journalism efforts including and  It is this experience, together with strong Independent Online Journalism work and values I bring to the table.  A voice our membership needs, to lead NAHJ’s Online efforts.    If you would like to learn more about my work and contributions, please visit my blogs: and

If you are a current NAHJ member, please sign this petition via email and send back today to: “Paulo Luizaga” <> (deadline April 30th) and kindly CC:

I (STATE YOUR NAME), of (COMPANY OR OTHER FORM OF IDENTIFYING YOUR WORK) support the candidacy of _Patricio Espinoza_ for (position) _Online Officer _ in the 2010 election of the NAHJ Board of Directors. This statement counts as my virtual signature and I have included my full contact information below.  I’m currently and NAHJ member.

If you prefer, for your convenience, I have also created an online form version of the above, and you can submit it with a click [ HERE ]

Thank you for your support.  Please share our interest with other colleagues and feel free to email me any thoughts about NAHJ’s Online efforts.

Let’s put an Online NAHJ officer on the Board with a strong Journalism, New Media and All Platforms experience and skills to represent our interests.  Knowing Facebook and Twitter is not enough.  One must understand how these tools allow us to make a difference in the public interest.

Best, Patricio

210.240.3968 c.


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