Former Jim Wells County Official to be Arraigned

Former Jim Wells County DA Joe Frank Garza will get arraigned in his corruption case at 4 pm. Case centers around drug forfeiture fund and use of money from it.

He is accused of misappropriation of funds for using funds to send staff on pleasure trips during his two terms in office. Garza denies wrongdoing and says he didn’t violate any laws. The laws for use of the funds are vague.

He was indicted by a special grand jury a couple of weeks ago. The Texas State Attorney’s General’s Office convened this jury and they met several times over the summer. Finally, they handed down this indictment.

This will be an interesting case, showing how drug forfeiture funds can be spent without any oversight. Garza has a good defense and may even win this case due to the problems with the law. CNN even did a story on Garza’s actions in the past, focusing on the issue of how agencies can really spend the drug forfeiture fund however they want in Texas.


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