Laury Fundraiser to be Held at Burger King in Calallen

The Calallen community in Corpus Christi will gather this afternoon to hold a fundraiser for a young man who is battling brain cancer.

Andrew Laury, a freshman football player, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor a few weeks ago. He had brain surgery a few days later at Driscoll Children’s Hospital and is going through daily visits to the doctor. He’s expected to start radiation and chemotherapy soon. For more on his story, read this link

Football players, classmates and the community have rallied behind Laury and his family. They sold pink t-shirts during homecoming with his number on the back. Already, 800 t-shirts have been sold and more are on the way.

The varsity football team has put his number on helmets as a way of dedicating the season to him. His fellow teammates have paid a visit to him at his house in school bus and had a lunch with their comrade at a local restaurant.

The Laury Family reports it’s tough going to daily doctors appointment and dealing with the situation. Neighbors and Calallen residents have even brought by dinner for the family, sent them pizzas to the  home and came to mow their lawn as a good will measure.

The latest fundraiser will be held at the Burger King in Calallen on 13433 Leopard St. A pep rally with football players will be held between 5 pm and 9 pm for Laury. All the food sold during those hours will be donated to Laury and his family to help them during this difficult time.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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