Democrat Nominee for Governor to Visit Robstown Voting Rally

The Democrat Candidate for Governor will make a stop at a Get Out the Vote Rally in Robstown on Saturday.

The rally is being held at the Robstown Senior Community Center from 9 am until 4 pm. Bill White will be there at Noon to talk to the crowd about his campaign. 

“When we invited him, he told me of course I’ll be there because he knows how important Nueces County is in South Texas,” said Joseph Ramirez, the rally organizer. “He really cares about the people in the western part of Nueces County and has made several visits to the area during the campaign.”

Another top Democrat is trying to make an appearance at this rally in Robstown. Linda Chavez-Thompson, who is running for Lt. Governor, has been invited and is trying to get to the event to address the crowd.

Organizers said it’s open to the public and all Democrat candidates are invited to speak to the voters at this rally.

Several bands, including a mariachis, a conjunto group and two Christian bands, will play all day. Organizers report they are trying to make this a family event to get people to vote.

“It’s a reminder for people that voting is going on and we are encouraging people to vote,” Ramirez said. “By making it a family event, you can take your children and show them the importance of voting.”

There will be two nearby voting locations for voters to cast their ballots in this general election. In this election, you have the governor’s race, area state representative races and local races on the ballot.

“It an effective way to get people to vote because they get to see the candidates in person,” said Ramirez. “It’s the weekend and people have busy schedules, but with an event, like this, they have no excuse not to vote.”

Ramirez said these rallies usually lead to spike in early voting at polling locations. All voters in Nueces County can vote at these two early voting locations in the area, regardless of where you live.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune, to read more stories.


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