Record Set Straight on Pajama Gate

Pajama Gate has become the talk of the U.S. Congressional race between Congressman Solomon Ortiz and his Republican opponent, Blake Farenthold. It’s even become a national story after Ortiz referred it to a sexaul liaison party and the media picked up on the story.

Congressman Ortiz is facing a tough battle against his Republican opponent. His campaign found a photo of Farenthold dressed in duck pajamas with a scantily clad woman at a local bar in Corpus Christi at a charitable event last year. Ortiz put the photo into an attack ad, questioning Farenthold’s morales and his ability to lead.

The party was for a local man well known named Tellie Willingham Jr. It’s held every year and people are asked to come in pajamas or lingerie for the bash. The money raised is donated anonymously to four non-profit groups. Also in attendance were the Crush Girls, a group of women described as cheerleaders for Corpus Christi and who get involved with charity work.

Today at a press conference in Corpus Christi, both Willingham and the Crush Girls Marketing Director set the record straight, saying this isn’t what has been portrayed in the media or the attack ad. The Crush Girls representative is demanding an apology and threatening legal action against Ortiz.

“It’s not about politics and it’s not about bring up dirt,” said Tony Martinez, who is the Crush Girls Marketing Director. “He (Ortiz) needs to own up and apologize to everyone.”

Congressman Ortiz wasn’t available for comment, but he was quoted in the media saying this was a S & M or sex party. He went on to say this was bad judgment for his opponent and wonders what kind of family values Farenthold has.

“This wasn’t a S & M Party,” Martinez said. “If you said that and I was there, I would knock you out (referring to Ortiz).”

Ortiz also said there were underage girls there and implied the young lady in the photo was a minor. He said the girls wore semi-nude outfits.

“She’s actually a Big Sister involved with the Boys and Girls Club,” Martinez siad. “She’s really upset over this whole thing. She wore conservative lingerie, not as it’s described semi-nude.”

The party host, Willingham, was also disappointed and made a statement at the press conference.

“It really has hurt a lot of more friends and the people affiliated with the party,” Willingham said. ” I don’t think that was fair to them.”

Farenthold has said he was invited to the charity event and attended the party. Some people around him have said he thinks this is funny what has happened with this picture and how it was blown out of proportion.

Martinez said he has worked with Ortiz on previous events, but still can’t believed he stooped this low in the name of the politics. He has called his office several times, but Ortiz or others won’t return phone calls.

“That’s wrong implying we did something wrong when we didn’t,” said Martinez. “We are demanding he pull the political ad. We also are planning a defamation lawsuit for all the people he smeared in this ad.”

No word if the Ortiz group will pull the ad, but this ad has definitely turned this campaign into an interesting one to watch in 8 days.


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