White Will Make Campaign Stop in Alice

Bill White Will Speak in Alice, Tx

Bill White, the former Houston Mayor and Democratic candidate for Governor, will make a campaign stop in Alice, Texas, which is about 45 miles from Corpus Christi, on Wednesday afternoon.

“He (White) has wanted to come back to the Alice area ever since he made his last campaign stop before the Primary Election,” said campaign aide Veronica de la Fuente. “We are focusing our efforts in our South Texas counties, hoping to get people to vote Democratic in the race.”

White has been focusing in on South Texas and the Hispanic vote during his campaign. He was here in the Coastal Bend last Saturday at a Get Out and Vote rally in Robstown.

Polls show White is doing well with the Hispanic vote as they show him getting 80 percent of the vote. Hispanics who have supported Perry in the past have dropped in half.

Campaign leaders believe it’s due to his many stops in South Texas and Rick Perry’s support of immigration reform in Texas.

“Hispanics are wavering in their support for Perry, especially after making comments about clamping down on sanctuary cities,” de la Fuente added. “Perry left open the possibility he might support an Arizona type of law in Texas and that concerns Hispanics.”

White is set to arrive at the Alice City Hall around 6 pm and he’ll be joined by Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, Linda Chavez-Thompson. He’ll speak to the crowd in the parking lot and encourage them to go vote for him and the Democratic party.

“There are some local Democrats, including State Rep. Yvonne Gonzalez-Toureilles who are in close races,” de la Fuente said. “His appearance will show locals Toureilles has a good relationship with White. If elected, the two will work together and they have  a good relationship.”

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune, mannydelaros@yahoo.com or southtexastribune@gmail.com


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