Sheriff’s Deputy in Brownsville Accused in Bribery Case

A Cameron County Sheriff’s deputy is in federal custody this afternoon after he was arrested by federal authorities for taking a bribe to allow guns to go to Mexico.

Jesus Longoria, 31,  is accused of allowing firearms to go through a federal inspection station on three occasions at the Veteran’s and Gateway Ports of Entry in Brownsville. Federal prosecutors also said he was given a bribe as part of an undercover investigation.

Longoria was working with federal officers to prevent drugs, money from drug trafficking and stolen vehicles from leaving the United States. It’s a special operation that has been ongoing for years with local law enforcement officers and federal agencies.  

In the criminal indictment, it states the deputy allowed three vehicles he knew contained firearms to pass through the checkpoint between March and May of this year in exchange for money.  The vehicles were intercepted before going into Mexico and the weapons recovered.

Longoria is charged with bribery and smuggling goods. If convicted on both charges, he could face up to 25 years in prison, face a $500,00 fine and not be allowed to serve as a law enforcement agent ever again.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,

File Photo of Gateway International Bridge


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