Ballots Found in Nueces County

File Photo of Blake Farenthold

File Photo of Solomon Ortiz

CORPUS CHRISTI–The U.S. 27th District Congressional race between Republican Blake Farenthold and Democrat Solomon Ortiz got a little closer today after some ballots were found. 

A bag with 7 ballots were found in Nueces County and they were counted. All were for Congressman Solomon Ortiz, who has been in office since 1983,  and he now trails by seven less votes.

Ortiz was trailing by 799 votes before these votes were counted this afternoon in Nueces County. He’s now behind by 792

Jose Borjon, the press deputy for Congressman Solomon Ortiz, told us a bag was found in Robstown at the Calderon Building, a Nueces County Annex building. They were from the early voting period and had been put away after the power went out on the first day.

“Every vote counts at this point and we’ll take those seven votes,” said Borjon in a phone interview. “He also said you haven’t heard the last of Ortiz.”

Farenthold was there on-site for the ballot count. He didn’t contest the ballots or the discovery of these votes. He didn’t return phone calls made to him to ask about the count. 

The Ortiz team still won’t concede this race and believe there is still a chance they can overcome the lead Farenthold has.

“There remains uncounted military-overseas absentees and provisional ballots as well as unresolved voting irregularities,” Borjon wrote in a press release. “Until the voters of Texas 27th district are assured that there are no more votes to count, that the votes were counted accurately and recounted accurately, then we need to continue with this election process. 

Borjon had released a written statement early about the discovery of the votes earlier in the day.

Borjon told us a recount is still an option. The Ortiz’ campaign team is examining election code for the six counties District 27 lies in. A decision to ask for a recount hasn’t been made as of press time.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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