South Texas Briefs

Sgt. Ryan Lekosky Buried in Corpus Christi

CORPUS CHRISTI–Sgt. Ryan Lekosky, a Tuloo-Midway graduate and a U.S. Marine, was buried in Corpus Christi just days after he was murdered in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Lekosky, 23, was coming home from a Marine Corps Ball when some men started fighting with his wife on October 31st. Lekosky went to break up the fight when the men stabbed him. The people involved with the stabbing remain on the loose. Lekosky, a star football player at TM and an Annaville resident, died. A funeral mass was held at the Corpus Christi Cathedral and he was buried at Seaside Memorial Park.

Photo of Hidalgo Co. Judge Ramon Garcia

 EDINBURG– Hidalgo County Judge Elected Ramon Garcia returnd to his post as county top official. He won the election last week. Interim County Judge Rene Ramirez resigned his position, so Garcia could take office early. Former Hidalgo County Judge J.D. Salinas resigned last year to take a job with the Obama Administration. Salinas defeated then-Judge Garcia four years ago in a heated election in Hidalgo County.

Photo of Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos

BROWNSVILLE–Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos still leads the race for judge, but his lead was trimmed by three votes. Cascos beat Democrat John Wood, who is a Cameron County Commissioner, by 80 votes. 110 provisional votes were counted and 93 were rejected. Out of the 17 remaining votes, Ten votes were for Wood, while seven for Cascos. So Cascos now leads by 77 votes. On Friday, there will be a recount in Cameron County to see if Wood picks up any more votes.  

Photo of Lt. Miller (on left) and Lt. Houston

CORPUS CHRISTI– A report about a Navy plane that crashed near Matorga Island last year showed the training aircraft was in a stall when it went down. The victims were Lt. John Houston of Houston, Tx and Lt. Bret Miller of East Troy of Wis. Miller and Houston had just left Naval Air Station Corpus Christi on a routine training mission. Joseph’s body was found in the cockpit near Matorga Island, while Miller’s body was discovered near Port Aransas. It’s believed Joseph didn’t have time to bail out, but Miller did.  The report lists weather, mechanical failure and pilot error as possible factors in the crash.

Photo of Ezquiel Cardenas Guillen, Tony Tormenta

MATAMOROS–The Mexican military killed Ezquiel Cardenas Guillen AKA Tony Tormenta, a mob boss for the Gulf Cartel last Friday in Matamoros. There were reports of several gunfights in the border town and grenades being launched in the battles. Now, there is fear a turf battle between the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel will get worse. Matamoros for the most part hasn’t seen the violence other border towns in Tamulipias has seen, but recently that has changed due to the turf battle between these two groups.

(Report compiled from various media and wire reports)

–Manuel De La Rosa South Texas Tribune,


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