South Texas Briefs

Photo of Congressman-Elect Blake Farenthold

 CORPUS CHRISTI–The election may still be unofficial and votes are being recounted, but U.S. 27th District Congressman-elect Blake Farenthold is moving forward. Farenthold leads the current U.S. Congresman Solomon Ortiz by nearly 800 votes. He announced his transition team. It included a number of leaders from the Rio Grande Valley and Coastal Bend. Farenthold said these people represent the makeup of his district and guide him over the next two months until he takes the position offiicially. 

STARR COUNTY– Media reports and video show fighting between the cartels and the Mexican military are forcing hundreds of residents to flee a small border town near the Starr County in South Texas. Ever since the death of Ezequiel Cardenas-Guillen, the reputed leader of the Gulf Cartel, last Friday, there have been ongoing battles in Ciudad Mier. Cartels members have threatened to kill residents. Even though the military has promised their safety, many are coming across the border into Starr County to get away from the violence.

Mug Shot of Robert Farias

ALICE–A Jim Wells County District Judge refuses to take a plea deal for a man who authorities said was involved with a 2008 murder of an Alice man. Robert Farias, 27, provided testimony that helped link the two brothers to the murder of 61-year-old Enrique Hughest. Farias testified, telling jurors exactly what happened when Ismael Gonzalez, 27, and his half brother, Justin Lopez, 21, murdered Hughes. He also told investigators where to find the remains of Hughes, which were found 8 monts later in a shallow grave. The brothers were convicted and sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Farias had agreed to be sentenced to 20 years in prison for assisting in the crime, though he didn’t kill Hughes, but the Judge Richard Terrell said it wasn’t a long enough sentence for what his role in the crime.

BROWNSVILLE–University of Texas Regents voted Wednesday to end a 20 year partnership with Southmost College in Brownsville. Regents said the relationship between the two college was untenable. They do plan to pursue a higher educatiohn in South Texas at UTB, but without a partnership with Southmost College. UT owns four buildings own campus. Southmost College officials weren’t surprised, but some vowed to continue working on an agreement with UT Regents. The partnership will end in August 2015.
(Report complied from various media and wire reports)
–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,

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