South Texas Briefs

Photo of John Wood

BROWNSVILLE–Cameron County Democrats are saying a miscount in the recount of the County Judge’s Race has led to County Commissioner John Wood beating Carlos Cascos by five votes.

Voting officials held the recount on Friday and Saturday. After the recount, Republican and current County Judge Carlos Cascos led by 50 votes, which was down from 77 votes. On Saturday night, Wood called and congratulated Cascos.

In the aftermath, a Democrat official noticed the tally of the votes were down by about 400 votes from Election Day. So they check it out and found out not all the votes had been tallied.

According to the Elections Administrator, a second tally sheet from a polling site wasn’t counted. When added in, Democrats are now claiming victory, which elections officials won’t confirm or deny. Cascos won’t concede and he isn’t commenting about the counting error or the results of the election.

Cameron County officials will report what has happened to the Texas Secretary of State’s Office to find out how to deal with the situation.

Furniture sold at Lack's

VICTORIA–Lack’s Furniture Store, which started in Beeville in 1938, announced today it will file for bankruptcy and will shut down its 36 stores in Texas.

Lack’s fell victim to the lending squeeze and banks won’t lend the company money for financing. Because of that, the company now owes money to the bank for its cusomter payments.

Stores will be closed throughout the Coastal Bend, the Rio Grande Valley and all of Texas within two to three months.   

RAYMONDVILLE–Federal prosecutors report a Harlingen man working at a private prison has been arraigned on a charge with intent to distribute to cocaine after he was caught in an undercover sting.

Christopher Gonzalez, 29, was arrested last Wedneday after buying drugs from an undercover officer, federal prosecutors said. They sold him two kilograms of sham cocaine, which Gonzalez believed to be cocaine, and $2,000 to smuggle it into the Willacy County Regional Detention Center, a private prison which holds federal prisoners.

Gonzalez was charged with a charge of conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine. Federal Judge Felix Recio set his bond at $50,000. If convicted, he could face up to 40 years in prison, a $5 million fine and five years parole.

CORPUS CHRISIT–A band with a recording contract with Freddie’s Records in Corpus Christi will celebrate its Latin Grammy with a big party in San Antonio.

Elida Reyna, who is from Mercedes in the Rio Grande Valley, and her band Avante won for Best Tejano Album last Thursday at the Latin Grammy’s in Las Vegas. The name of the album was Fantasia.

A celebration will be held at the Blue Mustang in San Antonio on Saturday to show off her Latin Grammy she won and to celebrate it with her fans.


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