Ben Bolt School Leaders to Discuss Election

BEN BOLT–Ben Bolt Palito Blanco leaders will decide tonigh if one of its newest school board members can be sworn in to office after questions came up about his background.

Jesus Barrientes defeated Joe Anthony Perez for a school board position on the Ben Bolt Palito ISD two weeks ago.

After he was elected, Perez and others said Barrientes was convicted of a felony and couldn’t serve on the school board. According to the school board rules, if you are convicted of a felony, you cannot be a member of the Ben Bolt Palito Blanco School Board.

Others have raised the issue Perez was allowed to serve, even though he had a felony conviction. Perez said his conviction had been expunged.

An hour before the meeting, the school board’s attorney will meet with the School Board Chair, Daniel Bueno, to discuss the legal issues of Barrientes and his felony record pertaining to his election.

The meeting starts at 7 pm in the Ben Bolt Palito Blanco High School in Ben Bolt.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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