Recount Begins for South Texas Congress Race

Photo of Congressman Solomon Ortiz

CORPUS CHRISTI–The recount in the 27th District U.S. Congress race started this afternoon in Nueces County as Solomon Ortiz will try to overcome a nearly 800 vote lead to his Republican opponent, Blake Farenthold.

Nueces County will be counting more than 100,000 votes manually to see if any votes will be thrown out or reversed due to ballot errors. It’s expected to take a couple of days to conduct the recount.

The county will be paying the people to help with the recount, but the money will be coming from the deposit Congressman Solomon Ortiz gave to the Texas Secretary’s of State’s Office to pay for this process. The Ortiz campaign gave $23,000 to the state office for the recount.

Five other counties, including San Patricio, Kleberg, Kenedy, Willacy and Cameron County, will be doing the same manual recounts.

In Kleberg County, both Ortiz and Farenthold gained two votes each, while in Kenedy County, there were no gains or losses on either side.

In Willacy County, Ortiz gained four votes and Farenthold one vote after the recount.

San Patricio and Cameron County will begin its recount on Friday at 9 am.

In Cameron County, there is confusion over a recount in the County Judge’s race. After the recount last Friday and Saturday, it showed Judge Carlos Cascos had won by 50 votes, down from the 77 votes on Election Day, over Democrat John Wood.

Democrat leaders claim they later discovered a precinct wasn’t counted in the recount. They are now claiming Wood has has won by five votes, but that’s hasn’t been confirmed by the Cameron County Elections Office.

Nearly a week after the Nueces County vote was finished, election workers found seven votes for Ortiz in a bag that was uncounted in the Robstown office.

In all of these recounts and discovery of new votes, the numbers were small, so the 794 votes may be too much to turn this race in favor of Ortiz.

Farenthold is already in Washington DC and attending the freshman orientation. He is picking a place to live and learning about his new job as congressman.  

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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