Pajama Party For Willingham Set To Go Again

CORPUS CHRISTI–The Pajama and Lingerie Party that created a big stir during the recent congressional campaign between Solomon Ortiz and Blake Farenthold is set to happen in a few weeks.

The party is a fundraiser for a local man named Tellie Willingham Jr., but it made national headlines during the campaign between the congressional candidates.

Ortiz ran a campaign ad last month aimed at smearing Farenthold after he was seen taking a picture at last year’s party with two Crush Girls dressed in lingerie. Crush Girls are young women who attend charity events around Corpus Christi and act as cheerleaders for the city.

The Congressman also questioned Farenthold for taking a picture with duck pajamas with the Crush Girls and said it was a S & M sexual liaison party.

The campaign commercial made national headlines and was covered in the Huffington Post and other conservative internet websites.

Willingham and the Crush Girls were offended by it, saying the commerical was way off base and this wasn’t a sex party yet a birthday party for the local man. Critics also doubted if the proceeds were actually donated to four non-profit groups.

While the party made national headlines, it brought a lot of publicity to the annual party. It’s set to happen again on December 3 at the Havana Club in Corpus Chrsiti.

Willingham said he expects the birthday bash will be bigger than ever with a little help from the recent campaign notoriety.

“Regardless of what happened with the campaign, I look forward to this year’s party,” Willingham told the South Texas Tribune. “I’m just glad to be able to do my part to help local organizations and have a good time doing it.”

He said there are some changes this year after some wondered if the non-profit groups actually received the donations.

“Some changes were made, such as the omission of some words from the title, ensuring notification and approval of the benefactors, public disclosure of the funds raised,” said Willingham. “Oh, and a softer paddle for my birthday spanking.”

The Crush Girls will be back again for the party, but there is no word if Farenthold will make an appearance.

“I’m not sure if Congressman-elect Blake will make it, but being a friend of mine, he’s always invited,” Willingham said.

The Crush Girls founder Tony Martinez had threatened to sue the Ortiz campaign team for the ad for libel, but attorneys advised him it would be a tough case to win, so he dropped the idea of a lawsuit.

Martinez told us last week he thought the negative publicity from the campaign led to Ortiz losing by nearly 800 votes to Farenthold. Because of that, he felt vindicated the public had taken out their anger against Ortiz at the polls.

Already, most of the booths at the Havana Club have been sold for this birthday party for Willingham and many locals from Corpus Christi are planning to be there, so they don’t miss out on what happened, especially after last year’s party.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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