Two Drug Operations Shut Down in Brownsville

BROWNSVILLE–A crimestoppers tip helped shut down a drug operation in Brownsville as police arrest two people, seize drugs and money from the house.

On Tuesday afternoon, DEA and Brownsville Police arrested 25-year-old Emmanuel Avila and 24-year-old Ida Lorraine Betancourt at home on the 700 block of Milpa Verde.

Inside the home, officers and agents found 1.26 pounds of cocaine and 31 grams of marijuana in the master bedrooma  and kitchen. They also found $5,000 in money, believed to be drug proceeds from sales of the illegal drugs.

Authorities started watching this home when residents started complaining about lots of car and pedestrians around the home. They conducted surveillance and determined it was a drug operation.

Both Avila and Betancourt were arraigned Wednesday on charges of possession of a control substance with intent to distribute. A judge set Avila’s bond at $20,000 and Betancourt’s bond at $7,500.

Homeland Security agents and Brownsville Police officers raided a home and arrested three people on drug charges.

At a home on the 3100 block of East 23rd, nearly 12 pounds of cocaine were found. Fernando Rodriguez, 17, and Armando Gamboa Martinez, 32, were arrested and booked on a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

While investigating at the house, police also arrested another man who was in possession of drugs and money beleived to be from drug sales.

Carlos de Jesus Melenedez were found in possession of 10 grams of cocaine and $2,400.

All three were arraigned this morning, Martinez is being held on a $100,000 bond and Rodriguez on a $30,000 bond. Meanwhile, bail for Melendez was set at $10,000.  

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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