Recount Over in Cameron County, But More Votes Have Been Found

Cascos Is Behind, But New Votes May Change That

BROWNSVILLE–The recount of voting precinct in Cameron County is done and it appears Democrat John Wood has won, but county election officials announced they found more votes.

The recount of Precint 54, a voting precinct at Burns Elementary School in Brownsville, is finished, though Cameron County Elections Administrator won say who has won the election. Roger Ortiz plans to do that Monday.

Meanwhile, Democrat and County Commissioner Wood reported he picked up 55 votes and has won by 5 votes over Republican and County Judge Carlos Cascos.

“We have said from the beginning that each vote should be counted fairly, and that in doing so that we need to follow the law,” said Jared Hockema, a Cameron County Democratic leder. “In a close election, following the law may be the only way to provide certainty as to the outcome.”

As Cascos had said a day earlier, county elections officials have found 69 votes. All believe to be straight party tickets for him. If those are included, that would mean Cascos will win by 64 votes.

“We have always know that you won this election,” said Priscilla Rodriguez, a Cameron County voter. “Numbers don’t lie, even when people try to delete them.

At the Cameron County Commissioner’s Court Meeting on Monday, Ortiz will explain the latest discovery of the votes. Residents still don’t know who has won the next Cameron County Judge’s race.

“This past election process has proven to be one of the greatest fiascos that I’ve ever witnessed in politics,” said Arnold Cadriel, a Cameron County voter. “Whether due to incompetent administrators and/or unscrupulous local politicos, it is extremely disappointing not to mention disheartening that after nearly a month a County Judge for Cameron County has not been named.”

This is leading many in Cameron County to start questioning the leadership of Ortiz and to see when residents will start asking for him to resign over this election controversy.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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