Corpus Christi Leaders Pick New Council Member

CORPUS CHRISTI–After nearly three hours of debate in closed session, Corpus Christi named its newest member to replace a former council leader who was elected to a higher office.

Council members picked Linda Strong, 65, who served from 1985-89, as the replacement for Brent Chesney, an at-large member on the Corpus Christi Council.

Chesney was elected to Nueces County Court-At-Law No. 5 in the recent election and will take office on January 1st. By city rules, he was forced to resign his position once the election became official. Chesney’s last meeting was on November 9th.

Seventeen people applied for the position, including a businessmen, former council members and a radio talk show host. Council members indicated they wanted someone with prior experience because they will be selecting a new city manager.

Strong will fill out the rest of Chesney’s term.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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