Latino Democrats Consider Tequila Party

Latino Democrats Considering the Tequila Party

CORPUS CHRISTI–The success of the TEA Party on the electorate has led some Latino Democrats to consider forming what they are calling the Tequila Party throughout the nation.

Latinos are frustrated with the lack of immigration reform being passed nationally and are concerned they are losing political power.

The idea for some is to sever their ties from the Democratic Party and create an independent grass-roots political group that will gain respect. They hope it get their issues addressed, most notably immigration reform.

Immigration reform has remained stuck in neutral for years, but many believed it was going to be addressed during the Obama Administration.

Both Republicans and Democrats blame each other for the lack of action, but Latinos have said openly if Obama could get health care passed, why can’t he get immigration reform passed.

It has become a huge frustration for Latinos nationally and now those in Nevada want to form a party, similar to the TEA Party in terms of a movement, to get their issues addressed.

We talked to a local Democratic leader to see if a movement, like that, could start here in the Coastal Bend,

Nueces Co. Democrat Chair Rose Meza Harrison isn't sure about Tequila Party in Coastal Bend

“I kind of like that idea,” said Rose Meza Harrison, the Nueces County Democratic  Chair. “I just d0n’t know how upset people are and if they are willing to do that here.”

Harrison said during the recent campaign they used some billboards with themes hitting how Republicans might pass Arizona SB 1070 type of bills here in Texas.

“We had a billboard with a police officer requesting identification (for citizenship) when they pulled you over,” said Harrison. “It didn’t work and we couldn’t get voters to the polls with this billboard.”

Many aren’t sure if this is type of idea will work in Texas or nationwide, but it’s something many Democrats are considering after the beating they took at the polls in the recent election.   

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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