Precint Recount Results in Cameron County to be Released on Tuesday

Cascos Expects to be Named Winner of Cameron Co. Judge's Race

BROWNSVILLE–The Cameron County vote recount will  be canvassed on Tuesday morning at a meeting of the Commisioners Court and Republicans are saying Judge Carlos Casco wil be named the winner.

Democrats believed the recount of Precinct 54 was going to push County Commissioner John Wood to victory by five votes. Those votes were recounted last week after they weren’t counted during the first recount. The Precint 54 recount numbers will be canvassed Tuesday.

Shortly before the recount of Precinct 54, Republicans said they found another 69 votes that election workers failed to recount. Those were straight partytickets, mostly from the Port Isabel area. With that, they contend Cascos will win by 64 votes.

Cameron County Elections Administator Roger Ortiz hasn’t said too much about the 69 votes other than to say they weren’t counted. He has said at a meeting with the Precinct 54 votes, Wood was the winner.

Both, Democrats and Republicans from Cameron County are inviting members to the meeting at the Dancy Commissioner’s Courtroom at 8 am to hear the results. You can expect there will be lots of security at the meeting in case things get out of hand.

In other notes, Cameron County Democratic leaders are saying a Republican tidal wave may have hit the nation, but not in their county as only two seats went GOP.

They also are defending the number of voters who hit the polls and are saying Cameron County won’t turn into another Corpus Christi after many of the countywide and state seats in Nueces County went Republican replacing many Democrat incumbents.

Cameron County Democrats will hold a meeting on Wednesday night to discuss the recent election. Some are saying Democrats must change its philosophy and make some tactical changes to avoid the popularity Republicans are enjoying in Texas.

They may also discuss a possible lawsuit, if Commissioner Wood loses his judge’s race when the canvassing of the race is over. The Cameron County DA Armando Villalobos has said from the start this race was going to be settled in the courts in a very similar fashion to the 2000 Presidential Election.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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