KC Southern to Fix Alice Railroad Crossings


Alice Railroad Crossing to get fixed

ALICE–If you drive around Alice, you’ll notice one thing, Usually, when you come to a railroad crossing, you may have a bumpy ride goving over the railroad tracks.

Alice RR Crossing Problems

For the last year, city leaders have been bugging and begging Kansas City Southern to fix the rail crossing.

Work on Alice Railroad Crossing

Finally, after lots of lobbying and talking, the rail line has agreed to fix 16 of the 18 crossings in Alice.

Alice City Manager lobbied Kansas City Southern to fix RR crossings

“They will be working on the approach and improve the grade when cars cross the railroad crossings,” said Ray De Los Santos, the Alice City Manager. “We are very pleased after numerous contacts that they will be working on this issue.”

Two crews from Kansas City Southern will start work Thursday on most of the rail crossings with the exceptions of two state highway crossings, wihch are the responsiblity of the Texas Department of Transportation. They plan to finish the project in two to three weeks.

“We are glad Kansas City Southern heard our request for help to fix this problem,” De Los Santos said. “We certainly appreciate they will get this done in a matter of weeks.”

If you live or travel through Alice, you will be happy too because you won’t be concerned about damaging your car when this work is finished.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune, southtexastribune@gmail.com


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