CCPD Briefs


CORPUS CHRISTI–A 24-year-old man was arrested after police responded to a disturbance call and found him with a small amount of marijuana.

Police were called to the 600 block of Aristocrat around 2:15 Thursday afternoon and saw Dante Jones walking away. An officer saw Jones throw a clear plastic bag from his pants.

They found marijuana inside the bag and arrested Jones on a count of possession of marijuana.

A man claims he was beaten up in his home at 11:40 pm because he owed a drug dealer money for a debt.

Michael Madrid, 39, said five people kicked in his front door and started beating him up on the 1100 block of Logan. A witness said a female was with them and confirmed Madrid owed money to her for drugs.

Madrid was taken to Spohn Memorial Center to treat his injuries, meanwhile the group got away without being arrested.

Around midnight, police arrested Damien Burks, 19, for burglary when he was seen inside a home, trying to burglarize it.

Officers said the homeowner was awakened on the 6300 block of Whitaker by his dog barking and saw Burks inside his home. Anthony Davis, 46, the homeowner, got his gun and chased Burks outside.

When police arrived, a neighbor reported seeing Burks jump over his fence in the area. Officers checked his property and found the young adult hiding near a gas meter. Burks was arrested for burglary.

An hour and half later, a teen was booked into custody for violating curfew and unlaw carrying of a weapon when they came out for a vandalism call.

Police arrived at the Crane’s Landing Apartments on the 3900 block of Panama. Officers were able to question a  young boy riding in a bike on the property.

They found he was 14-years-old and was in possession of a knive, a bb gun and some cartidges for it. So he was arrested for unlawful carrying of a weapon and a curfew violation.

 At the Woodlawn Shopping Center, police report some criminal broke into a two businesses on the 3700 block of Leopard.

Officers discovered some people had used a sledge hammer to break into a CVS and First Cash Pawn.

They pried the door open to the CVS with bolt cutters and got into First Cash Pawn by using the sledge hammer to create a breech in the wall..

Officers found the sledge hammer, while workers said they had to look around to find out if anything was taken in the burglaries. Police are looking for the suspects.

(Information compiled from CCPD Police reports)

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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