Nueces County Demos Prepare for Comeback

Nueces County Democrats Preparing for Comeback

CORPUS CHRISTI–After licking their wounds for about a month, the Nueces County Democrats are coming up with a new gameplan to become the party of choice in the Coastal Bend.

During the last election, Republicans won nearly every major race in the county and around the Coastal Bend. Many believe it’s due to the tidal wave of GOP support, while others believe Democrats dropped the ball.

Out were Congressman Solomon Ortiz, Solomon Ortiz, Jr., District 33 State Representative, Abel Herrero, District 34 State Representative and District Judge Manuel Banales. All long-time incumbents who were beaten in their races by Republicans.

Democrats believe they ran good races with your typical themes, but they said the voters spoke at the polls that times are changing.

Democratic Chair said Nueces Co. Democrat Base has changed

“We took a hard hit and the Democratic base is changing,” said Rose Meza Harrison, the Nueces County Democratic Chair. “The old 3 D Democrats are dying off and fading away.”

Nueces County Democrats have been talking privately and holding meetings to find out what went wrong.

“Most Democrats in the population aren’t voting party line, like they did in the past,” Harrison said. “They are voting for the person and they are issue-oriented, not party line, like their parents.”

Democrats are now taking their message out to Democratic  clubs around Nueces County and getting ready to start a new campaign.

“I don’t know what it’s going to take because a lof of people didn’t vote, even though we walked precincts, passed out literature, called and held rallies,” Harrison said. “It’s going to take long-term planning, cultivating the Democratic base and starting all over again to get them to the polls so we can win back those seats.”

Cameron County Democrats in the Rio Grande Valley also took a little hit and said openly we don’t want to become, like Corpus Christi, talking about how Republicans swept most of the races.

Democrats here don’t take that personally. They believe they are now on a mission to win back the base for Nueces County and South Texas.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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