South Texas Court/Crime News

CORPUS CHRISTI–A couple accused of putting their child in hot scalding water and abusing the child have been convicted by a Nueces County jury.

Palanco Tatman, 30, was found guilty on five counts of child abuse on Monday afternoon while his fiance, Crystal Robinson, 27, was convicted on four counts of child abuse.

On Tuesday, the penalty phase will start in a Nueces County courtroom. Both could face up to life in prison.

Robinson and Taman testified last week they were innocent of any wrongdoing in the case or putting the young girl in hot water. They also denied abusing her. 

 His daughter testified she was burned in a hot shower by Robinson and Tatman ignored her pleas for help. She also said she was abused by the couple and there were bruises on her body. She testified she was told by the couple to lie to authorities about the burns and the bruises.

Tatman and Robinson testified last week they were innoncent of any wrongdoing and didn’t put the girl in hot scalding water. They denied abusing the child.

Appeal on Mauricio Celis Case Denied

CORPUS CHRISTI–An appeal by a former attorney was denied and his sentence will remain in place after he was convicted of falsely identifying himself as a police officer.

Mauricio Celis, 39, was accused of flashing a badge and impersonating an officer when a nude woman left his house and showed up at a nearby convenience store.

Last July, a jury found Celis guilty of a false identificatio of a peace officer, a misdemeanor charge. A judge sentenced him and suspended his jail sentence, issued a fine and placed him on probation.

Leticicia and Alfredo Ines charged with keeping child in closet.

BROWNSVILLE–A judge reduced the bond of a 40-year-old woman accused of locking her child in a closet for more than a year.

The judge gave Leticia Ines a personsal recognizance bond after her attorney said she didn’t have money to get out of jail on a $50,000 bond.

Authorities said Ines her husband, Alfredo Ines, would only let her 12-year-old child out of the closet to go to school. They also said she had to do homework through a light that came through a closet door and couldn’t play with her brothers.  

When she gets out of jail, she won’t be allowed to have contact with her daughter.

Ines denies she improsoned her daughter in the closet. Her criminal trial is expected to start next week.

VICTORIA–Victoria Police set up a checkpoint in the city at Moody Street last Friday night, talked to several motorists for the safety of local residents and made a couple of arrests.

Police arrested two people, detained two others for not being citizens and issued 40 citations. The two arrested were for not driving with a license and possession of a marijuana.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,


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