Alice Officials Issue Warning for Repaired RR Crossings

Damage to Railroad Crossings Have Been Fixed in Alice

ALICE–Most of the railroad crossings in Alice are now fixed, but now the city is concerned about tractor trailers damaging the repaired areas.

Kansas City Southern agreed to come in and fix 16 of 18 railroad crossings in the small town. The crossings were damaged from wear and tear over the years and made for a bumpy ride.

So for three weeks, two crews worked around Alice, fixing the pot holes and grades around the crossings. They finished the work last week after three weeks.

“It looks beautiful,” said Ray De Los Santos, Alice City Manager. “You can drive over the railroad crossings without any problems and it’s making the other roads look bad after the work was done.”

The next concern will be to maintain the railroad crossings and making sure they don’t get damaged.

“We want tractor trailers to use the east and west access to make pickups in downtown Alice,” De Los Santos said. “We are coordinating with Tx DOT to get signs up for the truck drivers so these crossings will be protected.”

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,

For more stories in the South Texas Tribune, go to the following link:


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