Cascos Sworn-In As Cameron County Judge

Cascos Starts Second Term as Cameron County Judge

BROWNSVILLE–Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos, who under a cloud of an election controversy, can finally say he is beginning his second term after he was sworn in by U.S. Sentator John Cornyn on Tuesday night.

Cascos won the election over Democrat John Wood on Election Day, then there was a recount and he won again. That was followed by missing votes in Precinct 54 and elections officials said he lost the election. Finally, more votes were found Cascos won by 64 votes.

Cascos explained the elections process as a roller coaster and he wanted to move on to start his second term. He said it will be tough times for the county with tight budgets, but he wants the county to live within its means.

Four years ago, Governor Rick Perry swore in Cascos and this time another Republican heavyweight did the honors in Senator Cornyn at the Dancy Building.

Cornyn said Cascos proved every vote counted in talking about his election.

Meanwhile, Wood wasn’t around. He still hasn’t officially conceded, though in the past there was talk of the courts settling this, but Wood hasn’t filed any kind of lawsuit, while staying out of the limelight.

It would appear with Cascos being sworn in, the controversy is over and it’s safe to say he’ll be in office for the next four years.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,

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