Plastic Bag Ban Begins in Brownsville

Plastic Bag Ban in Brownsville Starts Wednesday

BROWNSVILLE–Some said it’s good for the environment, while others said economics are tough and having to buy your reusable bags to bring home groceries and retail items is too tough on Brownsville families.

All of these people are talking about plastic bag ban that begins on Wednesday in Brownsville.

Brownsville has taken the lead in Texas in enacting one of the toughest bans and leaders believe it will clean up the city. City leaders claim Brownsville is the first in Texas to do this and the 12th in the nation.

As of Wednesday, residents will have to bring their own reusable bags and not rely on the plastic bags handed out by stores. If they need a plastic bag, a fee of $1 per bag will be charged for the time being until those bags are gone.

City leaders said it will clean up pollution in the border city and free up space in the landfill.

The Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada said there is a lot of misinformation on the ban, even though residents have had a year to prepare for it and there is information on the city of Brownsville website, but he is proud of the ordinance.

Residents and people in the Lower Rio Grande Valley are speaking out about  this ban.

Here are some excerpts from online comments:

“The day (of the plastic ban) Brownsville stores will not have my business. Thank goodness there are nearby towns where the politicians are not so environmentally “challenged,” said Navy 6.

“I hope the citizens of Brownsville challenge this soon. Dumb, dumb, dumb idea. I went to the corner store and had to walk out with my items in an old Bud Light box with no bottom. That or “buy” a bag.” said Rare21.

“The problem was not the plastic bags but all the litter that was everywhere in Brownsville. There was so much litter along the expressway and in parking areas. Hope this new ordinance makes a difference,” said Auntsammy.

This debate is expected to continue, while the Brownsville tries to execute this new plastic bag ban in its city.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,

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2 responses to “Plastic Bag Ban Begins in Brownsville

  1. I am program chair for the new Southern Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce, here in Tucson. We are in the process of organizing our Ban the Plastic Bag, Campaign. Please give me the contact person in Brownsville who did yourcampaign. I would appreciate any information you can send me way.

    Thank You, Marilyn Civer 520-404-2917

    • mannydelarosa40

      We are a news organization and were only involved with the reporting of this story. If you want more info, which you are requesting, you need to contact the Brownsville City Manager’s Office to find out how they implemented it. Good luck and thanks for your comment.

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