Theft of Manhole Covers, Causing Problems in Brownsville

File Photo of Manhole Cover

BROWNSVILLE–Criminals desperate to make money with scrap metal yards are taking manhole covers in Brownsville and it’s starting to add up for the city.

Brownsville Police report 15 manhole covers have been taken over the last month. Some of those covers have been taken from main streets and alleyways.

Here is a list of the areas where thefts of manhole covers have occurred:

12/13/2010 3595 W. Alton Gloor (Stripes) (1) Man Hole Cover
12/13/2010 700 Lakeside Blvd. (5) Man Hole Covers
12/14/2010 2410 Hudson Blvd. (1) Man Hole Cover
12/15/2010 818 E. 9th St. (1) Storm Drain
12/16/2010 2255 U.S. HWY. 77 (Motel 6) (1) Man Hole cover
12/17/2010 600 Lakeside Blvd. (1) Storm Drain
12/17/2010 800 W. 16th St. (1) Man Hole Cover
12/18/2010 2434 Central Blvd. (Superior Car Wash) (4) Drainage Covers
12/21/2010 800 W. 16th St. (2) Man Hole Covers
12/21/2010 2200 E. Van Buren St. (1) Storm Drain
12/22/2010 224 Ponciana (2) Man Hole Covers
12/30/2010 3000 Laredo Rd. (1) Man Hole Cover
12/30/2010 2500 Hudson Blvd. (3) Man Hole Covers
01/03/2011 300 Morningside Rd. (1) Man Hole Cover
01/03/2011 100 S. Central Ave. (2) Man Hole Covers

Scrap Metal Yards are paying about ten cents a pound for these manhole covers.

The city estimates each manhole cover costs $120 to replace and storm drain cover costs $500 for a replacement.

If you have any information, call the Brownsville Police Department at 956-548-7000 or Brownsville Crimestoppers at 956-546-TIPS (8477).

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,

For more stories in the South Texas Tribune, go to the following link:


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