CVS Robber Arrested in Kidnapping and Robbery Case

Michael Daliet Arrested in CVS Robbery Case

CORPUS CHRISTI–CCPD announced Monday the man wanted in the brutal store robbery and kidnapping of a store clerk from last Friday morning is now under arrest with a little help from the public.

Michael Daliet, 35, was arrested on a charge of aggravated robbery and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle on Saturday.

Police said Daliet  came in around midnight on Friday at the CVS on Ayers. He first started choking  a 74 year-old employee and during a robbery, while threatening to kill her and her 26-year-old co-worker.

 Victims said Daliet was able to get cash from the register and then began to hit the younger female clerk before kidnapping her in her own vehicle. He drove around for a bit and dumped her out of the car at Horne and Ramsey.

Investigators said surveillance video released showing the suspect helped lead to the capture of the suspect.

Daliet is in the Nueces County Jail being held on a $175,000 bond.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,

For more stories in the South Texas Tribune, go to the following link:


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