Border Patrol Agents Seize More Than $3 Million in Marijuana in Weslaco

WESLACO–Border Patrol Agents seized more than 4,600 pounds of marijuana worth nearly $3,7 during the last six days.

Agents report the largest seizure south of Donna Saturday where they found 31 bundles of marijuana weighing more than 1,500 pounds. It’s believed the drugs were worth more than $1.2 million.

They saw several people loading several bundles of marijuana into a Chevy Suburban near the Rio Grande. Agents chased the vehicle when the driver failed to stop and caught him after a bail out.

There was another large seizure last Wednesday after agents found more than a 1,000 pounds of marijuana worth $830,000 during a bail out.

Agents reported seeing some suspicious activity by the river near Weslaco. They tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver refused and led them on a pursuit.

The driver then tried to drive the Ford Expedition into the Rio Grande, but was unsuccessful. The driver and several people were last seen swimming back into Mexico and agents found the marijuana inside the car.

The marijuana and the one suspect arrested were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

–Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune,

For more stories in the South Texas Tribune, go to the following link: 





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