Brooks County Arrest Two and Seize 2,000 Pounds of Marijuana

Brooks CO Drugs (Picture of Drugs)

FALFURRIAS–Two Rio Grande Valley family members get busted trying to smuggle 2,300 pounds of marijuana last Thursday when they were using a ranch road to get around the Border Patrol checkpoint in Brooks County.

Jose Maria Covarrubias, 29, and Francisco Escobar, 50, who are both from Rio Grande City, were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. Escobar is the Covarrubias father-in-law.

Brooks County Sheriff’s got a call about some suspicious activity on a ranch about six miles southwest of Falfurrias.

Brookds CO Car (Picture of Car Involved in Chase)

“Somebody called in a report of somebody who was on the ranch road who wasn’t supposed to be there,” said Sgt. Danny Davila of the Brooks County Sheriff’s Department. “We are not surprised because we know they use those roads for drug trafficking along with smuggling weapons and illegal immigrants.”

Brooks County officials sent officers to the ranch and set up a sting to catch the two driving two different cars. Escobar pulled over right away, but Covarrubias tried to get away.

“It was a narrow road and we tried to stop him, but he took and speeds hit up to about 105 miles an hour,” Sgt. Davila said. ” We threw down some spikes and he keep going before going off-road and we eventually caught him.”

Covarrubias is facing an additional charge of evading arrest with a motor vehicle.

Authorities found more than 250 bundles of marijuana and it weighed out to more than 2,000 pounds. The vehicles used in this drug trafficking operation were seized.

–South Texas Tribune,


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