Brownsville Fire May Be Arson

BROWNSVILLE–Brownsville Fire investigators believe two fires at the same house in the middle of artic cold front maybe the work of an arsonist.

The fire happened on Thursday night and Friday night on the Rey Enrique. The first fire only caused extensive smoke damage, but the second one destroyed the home.

Nobody had lived in the home for a few weeks, but police said the home was a drug house and it’s believed the fire maybe arson due to that.

The fire started in the middle of the coldest weather in Brownsville on Thursday night shortly 9 pm. A neighbor saw smoke coming out of the home, so he started fighting it with a garden hose. By the time firefighters arrived, they were able to put it out.

Six hours later after 3 am on Friday morning, somebody came back and it’s believed ignited a second fire. This time there was nobody around to fight it. By the time firefighters arrived, it caused extensive smoke and fire damage. The house was considered a total loss.

Fire investigators are looking the blaze and believe it is suspicious. They haven’t declared it arson, but believe it was set on purpose. Any information, call the Brownsville Crimestoppers at 956-546-TIPS

–South Texas Tribune,


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