Coastal Bend Bank Robber Sentenced

CORPUS CHRISTI–A man who escaped a halfway and robbed two banks in the Coastal Bend was sentenced to 14 years in prison today.

Prosecutors said David Michael Hall, 32. robbed an IBC on Staples in Corpus Christi and Trust Texas Bank in Victoria last July.

Hall was a at halfway house for committing a bank robbery. He escaped from it in Corpus Christi and used a taxi cab to take him to the bank in Corpus Christi on July 12. With the cab driver waiting in the car in front of the bank, authorities said Hall went inside, committed the robbery, then the cabbie without knowing was his getaway driver.

Authorities said he took some of that money and caught a bus to Victoria where two days later he robbed a Victoria bank. Officers converged on the crime scene and caught Hall hiding inside a barber shop near the bank robbery.

The money taken in the Trust Texas Bank robbery was found on Hall, but they never found the $8,000 in cash from the IBC robbery in Corpus Christi. A judge order him to pay restitution for that crime back to the bank.

The judge ordered sentenced him to 178 months in federal prison and a three years of probation. Hall was convicted in November 2010, after pleading guilty to having used force, violence and intimidation to rob the two financial institutions.

–South Texas Tribune,



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