Kleberg County Court Briefs

KINGSVILLE–Kleberg County officials announce three men get sentenced in separate cases for  indecency by Exposure, drug trafficking and for a robbery.

A judge placed Christobal Vargas Lopez of Kingsville on
probation for 10 years for Indecency by Exposure when, according to
Court documents, he was carrying on a consensual affair with one of
his underage employees.

“Statements by the victim in the case seem to
indicate that the Defendant was using his position as the Manager to
give special favors to this employee,” said John Hubert, Kleberg/Kenedy County District Attorney.  “The Defendant went through a
whole series of events to “woo” the victim and get that victim to
cooperate willingly.  Basically, the employee was underage and should
have been left alone.”

Lopez will now have to register as a sex offender.  As a condition of his plea,
the District Judge Angelica Hernandez ordered that the defendant
serve 100 days in the Kleberg County Jail.

A local drug dealer, Jose Guadalupe Reyes, 35, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for selling cocaine.

Reyes was caught after a drug investigation by the Kingsville Task Force resulted in a warrant and seizure of cocaine on October 8 of 2009.

Due to his lack of criminal history, the court left open the option of “shock” or the possibility of release and imposition of probation after a stay in prison as per the plea agreement.

“I’m worried that some people with a clean record are
starting to get into this business,” Hubert said.  “We’ve always had those who have been in trouble with the law, but, now we are getting drug dealers
with this as their first real criminal experience.  It’s disheartening
that they made this choice.”

Pablo Hinojosa Montalvo, 23,  a Kingsville resident, was found guilty of the felony charge of Robbery on February 11, 2011 and sentenced to ten years in prison.

–South Texas Tribune, southtexastribune@gmail.com

Police said the Robbery was  from a December altercation with a
girlfriend in which he followed her with his car, blocked her retreat,
then walked up to her car.

When reaching her open window, he reached inside and hit his victim repeatedly.  He walked away from the victim’s car, then turned back around, reached inside and took two GPS receivers while assaulting her again.

During the hearing, Montalvo also admitted to violating a protective order and creating a false bomb scare.  He blamed his troubles on lack of anger control and
illegal drug habit.

“One key piece of evidence in this case was the fact that
the assault was recorded on a nearby businesses security video,” said Hubert.  “That business owner was extremely cooperative with the police in the
investigation.  It was compelling evidence.”

Montalvo was on probation at the time of the event for burglary of a building and misdemeanor theft.  Both were revoked at the time of the sentencing for 18 months in State Jail on those charges.


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