Closet Lady Suspect Takes Plea Deal

BROWNSVILLE–The woman known as the Closet Lady took a plea deal and was sentenced to one year in jail for keeping her child in a closet.

Leticia Ines made headlines a year ago when police determined she kept her special needs daughter in a closet for a year when she was at home. She allowed her eat at the house and to go to school.

Ines was facing a maximum of two years in jail for injury to a child. The plea deal meant she was sentenced for a felony conviction of one year. With time served, she should be out of the Cameron County Jail in two weeks.

“She should not ever get any of the children back again,” said Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos.  “She’s beyond the age of having any more children. So we don’t think that there should be any problems with this particular family or this particular defendant.”

The DA said Ines, 41,  was a bad parent, but never caused any injury to her 12-year-old daughter.

“The girl should not have been locked in a closet,” Villalobos said. The mother acted inappropriately instead of seeking help.”

Villalobos also stated the children in the case didn’t really want to testify against their mother. So they opted to give her this plea deal.

Her husband is still set to go to trial. Announcements for his trial are later this month.

–South Texas Tribune,


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