Valley Border Patrol Agents Catched Wanted Men

MCALLEN–Border Patrol Agents in the Rio Grande Valley arrested three illegal immigrants in separate incidents who were wanted for a variety of homicide charges in other parts of the country.

One of the arrests occurred Monday when an officer from the Combes near Harlingen after a  police officer stopped a man on a traffic violation. A Border Patrol agent from the Harlingen Station responded to a call from the officer to help interview the man regarding his citizenship status.

The man admitted to being a citizen of Mexico and to not having immigration documents to legally be in the United States. He was taken into custody and transported to the Harlingen Station for processing on the immigration violation.

While performing a records check, agents learned the man had been convicted in Florida for driving while intoxicated and felony vehicular manslaughter. The checks also showed he had an arrest warrant from the Miami-Dade Police Department.

A Miami-Dade police officer said their department will extradite the man to Miami. The man was turned over to the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office pending extradition for the warrant.

That same day, agents at the McAllen Station arrested a man who was walking in the brush near Peñitas. Upon questioning the man, agents determined he was a national of Mexico with no proper immigration documentation.

During a records check, agents discovered the man had a homicide warrant out of the Fort Worth Police Department. He was turned over to the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office to await extradition.

Early this morning, agents caught an illegal immigrant near Madero, Texas, who has a conviction for felony voluntary manslaughter in West Virginia. He will be prosecuted on an illegal entry charge.

–South Texas Tribune,


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