Top U.S. Leaders Coming In For Zapata’s Funeral

BROWNSVILLE–Many top U.S leaders and law enforcement personnel are coming into Brownsville to attend the funeral of ICE Agent Jaime J. Zapata.

Jaime Zapata, 32, was on loan in Mexico to help fight the drug cartels. He was shot to death after he and his partner were ambushed outside of San Luis Potosi on Tuesday afternoon. It’s believed the Zeta cartel was behind his death. Victor Avila survived the attack.

Congressional leaders report about 90 bullet casings were found at the scene and many believed this was planned attack aimed at the U.S. government.

DHS Secretary Arrived in Brownsville

Department of Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano arrived on Monday afternoon into Brownsville South Padre Island Airport. Officials said she was met by a security detail and taken out through the cargo area of the airport.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in the Rio Grande Valley and is expected to give remarks at Zapata’s funeral on Tuesday morning.

Many other federal leaders also have come to the Valley for the agent’s funeral, including ICE Director John Morton and Border Patrol Chief Michael Fisher.

A funeral mass led by Bishop Daniel Flores from the Diocese of Brownsville will begin at 8:30 am Tuesday at the Brownsville Events Center. That will be followed by a procession at 10:30 am from the Events Center to Rose Lawn Cemetery.

–South Texas Tribune,

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