Brownsville Man Arrested for Harassing Acquaintance

BROWNSVILLE–A 38-year old  man gets arrested in Brownsville for harassing an acquaintance after he was following her on the road around the downtown area.

20110224 Jorge Alberto Martinez 11023668 Deadly Conduct click for booking photo

Jorge Martinez was arrested on deadly conduct charges and a judge set his bond at $2,000.

A 48-year-old woman reported she was being following by an acquaintance in the downtown area around 2 Thursday morning. She said she was trying to get away from Martinez after the two started arguing at a bar.

She drove away and this is when Martinez  started to follow her. She managed to call police from her cell phone.  She reported Martinez used his vehicle to ram her vehicle from behind.

Martinez was stopped at the intersection of East 5th and East St.
Francis Street in downtown Brownsville and taken into custody.

–South Texas Tribune, for more stories


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