Two Corpus Christi Men Caught in Burglary of TV’s

CORPUS CHRISTI–Two men were arrested for burglary after they took some tv’s from an apartment complex in Corpus Christi.

An officer responded to the Red Roof Inn at 6800 block of S.P.I.D. in reference to a suspicious subjects call. A witness reported one of the individuals was handing a TV to another male over a fence. The individuals were last seen going into one of the rooms.

The officer located the room and Ryan King, 26,  opened the door. The officer observed a large flat screen TV and a smaller flat screen TV in plain view on the bed and on the floor. There were some additional items in view including a small safe.

King said a friend had called him and asked him to get a TV for him that was by the fence. The second individual in the room was identified as Steven Wade Hudspeth, 25,

Police suspected the burglary had taken place from the nearby apartments on Nile Drive.  Apartment complex workers were contacted and began checking the apartments. They located an unsecured front door had been pried open.

This apartment turned out to be the residence burglarized. The victim was contacted and returned home to discover her 52” flat screen was stolen from the living room and a 32” flat screen TV stolen from her bedroom. The victim later identified both TVs belonging to her.

King and Hudspeth were arrested and booked into the city jail for Burglary of Habitation.

–South Texas Tribune,

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