Gang Attack at Corpus Christi Cemetery

CORPUS CHRISTI–A 17-year-old man is accused of attacking two people while they were visiting a cemetery Thursday night to pay their respects to a friend in what is believed to be a gang-related violence.

Robert Ramirez, 17, and two others showed up at Rose Hill Cemetery around 6 pm to confront two men who were visiting a friend’s gravesite for what would have been his birthday.

Ramirez, Robert Lazo and Jose Ramirez started a fight with Aguildo Silgero, 30, and Aaron Howard, 31.

Witnesses report Ramirez stabbed Howard twice in the stomach area, then picked up a vase and hit Silgero with it, causing a big cut on his forehead.

The trio left the cemetery and went to the 800 block of Francesca. Officers arrived at the home and arrested the three men for aggravated assault.

–South Texas Tribune,

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