Corpus Christi PD Arrested Couple on Assault Call

CORPUS CHRISTI–Corpus Christi Police report a man is beating up a woman, but they must threaten her with a taser so they can arrest him on criminal charges.

Officers responded to Woodbury Place Apartments for an assault in progress on Monday morning. A witness told officers she saw a Hispanic male hit a Hispanic female and drag her into one of the apartments.

The officers tried to contact the couple, but no one answered the door. They could hear Debra Dimas, 21, yelling at Daniel Cantu, 25, to get off her from inside the apartment.

They had to break the sliding glass door and enter the apartment to stop the assault.  While Cantu was being taken into custody,  Dimas kept pulling at the officers as she tried to keep them from arresting the suspect.

Dimas was only kept at bay with the threat of being tasered. Cantu was arrested after a brief struggle with police.

Both, Dimas and Cantu were transported and booked at the city jail. Cantu was charged with assault, unlawful restraint and resisting arrest, while Dimas was charged with interference with public duties and resisting arrest.

–South Texas Tribune,



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