Zapata Update: Another Suspect Arrested

BROWNSVILLE–The Mexican military announced over the weekend another member of the Zetas drug gang has been linked to the ambush murder of a U.S. immigration agent.

Jaime Zapata, 32, a native of Brownsville, was shot to death on a San Luis Potosi highway on February 15 in what investigators said was a case of mistaken identity. His partner, Victor Avila, was also shot, but he survived the shooting.

According to wire reports, the Navy said Sergio Antonio Mora oversaw the man suspected of carrying out the attack.  Mora’s nickname is “El Toto”.

Navy spokesman Jose Luis Vergara said Mora oversaw Zeta activities in San Luis Potosi state, where gunmen killed the U.S. agent and wounded another.

Vergara said Monday that Mora was the boss of Julian Zapata, who told soldiers after he was arrested last week that he took part in the attack.

Wire reports stated Mora was detained along with five other suspects in the northern state in Mexico, including a Honduran man. Vergara did not say if Mora played a role in the attack.

In another related story related to the Zapata’s death, three people accused of smuggling guns to Mexico were arrested in Dallas and are believed to have smuggled the gun used in the ambush death of Zapata.

Wire reports reported the ATF said the gun was used in a Feb. 15 shooting of Zapata and Avila.

–South Texas Tribune,



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