Border Patrol Seizes Drugs and Rescues Man


Drugs Seized by Border Patrol

EDINBURG–U.S. Border Patrol agents seized more than $4 million worth of narcotics in multiple incidents this last weekend in the Upper Rio Grande Valley.


In Starr County near Fronton, agents  saw four people with backpacks walking north from the river. As the agents tried to catch the group, the smugglers dropped one of the backpacks and fled into the thick brush.

Agents located one of the men near the river, but when he saw the agents he jumped into the river and swam to Mexico.  Inside the backpack the agents found nearly 25 pounds of cocaine, with an estimated value of more than $770,000.

Over the weekend,  agents confiscated more than 4,200 pounds of marijuana worth more than $3.3 million. The narcotics seized over the weekend were turned over to various agencies for further investigation.

Border Patrol also rescued a man Saturday night near Madero after a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter saw him try to avoid capture by jumping into the river and swimming to Mexico.

The helicopter crew advised agents who were patrolling the river by boat that the man was in distress and needed help. A marine unit arrived and pulled him from the river.  He was offered, but declined, medical attention.

–South Texas Tribune,




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