Alice Officer Injured When Flash Bang Grenade Explodes

ALICE–The Alice Police Department SWAT Team Commander injured his hand when a flash bang grenade accidentally exploded in his hand just outside of the police department on Tuesday afternoon.

Sgt. Richard DeLeon, a 25-year veteran, was HALO-Flighted to Corpus Christi where he’s being treated for severe lacerations to his hand, but he will survive.

Alice Police Chief Danny Bueno said we are very lucky and this could have been a lot worse.

Alice City Manager agreed.

“We are very fortunate and we are glad he suffered non-life threatening injuries,” said Ray De Los Santos. “We hope he will have a speedy recovery.”

Officials report DeLeon was loading the flash bang grenade into his car around 3 when exploded in his hand.

When it went off, it could be heard around the downtown area and it shook up the small town of Alice.

Ray De Los Santos Photo

“At first, I thought somebody had hit the City Hall or there was a shooting,” said De Los Santos. “I ran out from my office, which is across the street to check it out.”

The flash bang grenade is used as a device when police officers conduct raids. When thrown, it blinds and deafens the target followed by smoke.

DeLeon could hear and speak at the scene shortly after it happened. He was taken to the hospital for the injury to his hand.

Alice city officials plan to review this incident and figure out what happened. They will test the device and do what they can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

–South Texas Tribune,



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