Another Arrest in Zapata Murder in Mexico

BROWNSVILLE–The man believed to be the financier of the Zetas has been arrested in the death of law enforcement officer from the United States who was murdered in a case of mistaken identity last month.

The Federal Police said they took 41-year-old Mario “El Mayito” Jimenez into custody over the killing of ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata on February 15.

Authorities say Jimenez  ran payroll for cartel assassins, managed income from drug sales and acquired properties and communications equipment for the gang.

Federal agents arrested Jimenez on March 5th with 16 others who are believed to have worked for the Zetas.

Mexican investigators didn’t release any information about his role in the ambush death of Zapata who was killed on a San Luis Potosi highway and his partner, Victor Avila, was injured.

A number of Zetas have been arrested in the Zapata case and one man has confessed they thought Zapata was a drug rival driving in a similar car.

–South Texas Tribune,



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