Man and Woman Arrested in Disturbance at Nightclub

CORPUS CHRISTI–Police said a man gets arrested early Saturday morning for causing thousands of dollars in damage at a night club, while his friend interferes with his arrest.

Officers were patrolling the downtown area when they were flagged down by an employee of the Vault Night Club.  The manager reported that Juan Longoria, 21, had been causing a disturbance inside the Club and was escorted outside by the bouncers.

Longoria came to the front of the Vault and grabbed a pole used to rope off the front doors.  He then threw the pole into the front doors breaking the glass doors.  The value of the damaged doors was valued at $3,000.00.

Longoria was arrested and was being escorted to the police unit and he started struggling refusing to get into the rear seat of police car.  Officers were able to arrest him.

At that time Longoria’s friend, Leana Castillo, 30, came toward the officer and was told twice to step back and not interfere.

Castillo was arrested for Public Intoxication and Interfering with Duties of a Public Servant.  Longoria was charged with Felony Criminal Mischief and Resisting Arrest.  Longoria and Castillo were transported to the city jail.

–South Texas Tribune,



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