Man Busted for Waving Weapon in Corpus Christi IHOP

CORPUS CHRISTI–A 31-year-old man gets arrested for waving around a gun inside a IHOP Restaurant on the southside during the overnight hours in Corpus Christi.

Officers went to the  IHop Restaurant on the 5100 block of SPID around 3:30 am Wednesday morning for a man with a gun in front of the location.

A 26 year old victim described Loreto Gonzales as the one that displayed the gun towards him.  After a lengthy investigation, the officers did not locate the weapon.

Gonzalez and two friends were given a criminal trespass warning for the property and released.

Within minutes of the individuals being let go,  an officer located a pistol at Mount Vernon Park, which was near the IHOP Restaurant, at the base of a tree.

The officers set up on the gun and within 15 minutes a truck rolled by slowly and stopped by the tree and then left in a hurry.

Officers conducted a traffic stop to find the three individuals involved in the disturbance in the vehicle.

Gonzalez was arrested for Aggravated Assault and the weapon was recovered.  He was transported to the City Jail.

–South Texas Tribune,



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