South Padre Island Authorities Busy for Texas Week

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND–Law enforcement authorities said it’s been busy around South Padre Island with the usual number of alocohol related arrests and citations, but no serious problems halfway through Texas Week.

Cameron County Justice of the Peace Bennie Ochoa reports the crowds are similar to last year and problems about the same.

His officer reports about 70 people have been arrested, mostly for underage drinking, 20 for DWI and 4 for drug possession. He also states officers have handed out 500 citations for minors in possession of alcohol.

Ochoa’s court handles the county part of South Padre Island, including Beach Access #5 and Access #6, which is closed during the overnight hours during Spring Break.

In Port Isabel, they have seen a small number of problems too from Spring Breakers who are going to their restaurants or stores. They are seeing the same alcohol related problems.

About 85 people have been booked into the city jail since last Friday. Mostly of the crimes are for public intoxication. The agency has handed out about several tickets for Minors in Possession of Alcohol.

We contacted South Padre Island to get their stats, but they weren’t available. Town leaders are reporting the crowd this year has been less violent and they are seeing issues with minors drinking, drunk driving and public intoxication.

–South Texas Tribune,



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