Parents of UTB Student Stabbing Come to Brownsville

BROWNSVILLE–The father of a UT Brownsville student killed at an off-campus complex last month came to the Rio Grande Valley Friday to meet with college administrators and local investigators.

Santiago Bernal died on February 19 at the La Estancia Apartments during a fight in an apartment. A man claimed he stabbed Bernal in self-defense.

Police report Bernal, 21, who is from Monterrey, went to the wrong apartment and entered it. Four women were inside and one of their boyfriends was there.

They asked him to leave and he refused. Witnesses said he started a fight and the man was force to stab him to defend himself.

His father

“I am very sad for the loss of my son. He was my best friend. We used to go fishing together here in Brownsville. It’s been a hard loss for me and my family,” says Juan Pablo Bernal.

Police say Bernal entered the wrong apartment in the early morning hours. Witnesses told him to leave, but he refused. He got into a fight with the boyfriend of one of the women there. He claimed he stabbed Bernal in self-defense. No arrests were made.

“It was a tragedy. I am not upset at all with police and know it’s a process. I don’t believe in vengeance,” Bernal says.

South Texas Tribune,



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